About Tau Chapter

Tau chapter of Alpha Omicron Pi is located at the University of Minnesota.  With our motto, exceed the expectation, implanted in our hearts, we strive to do just that on our campus through academics, leadership, and volunteer work. That's just the beginning.  We, as a chapter, do all that we can to promote our values while creating and maintaining a sisterhood based on support, friendship, and love.  Our women continuously encourage one another in all areas of life - pushing all to excel in academics, volunteer countless hours with a multitude of organizations, and to lead many campus and community groups.  We, at Tau chapter, pride ourselves on our differences - our differences are what makes our sisterhood strong.  As an AOII, one is willing to work hard for their dreams because, without a doubt, they have a home full of women behind them every step of the way.

History of Alpha Omicron Pi 


Alpha Omicron Pi is a women's fraternity dedicated to enriching the college experiences of women at chapters all over the United States and Canada. Alpha Omicron Pi was built on the principles of friendship, creativity, curiosity, innovation, leadership, charity, and most importantly, love. Alpha Omicron Pi is a support system, a group dedicated to academic excellence, a service organization, but above all, a sisterhood.​

Alpha Omicron Pi was founded by Stella George Stern Perry, Elizabeth Heywood Wyman, Jesse Wallace Hughan, and Helen St. Clair Mullan in 1897 at Barnard College at Columbia University in New York City. Now, over 100 years later, Alpha Omicron Pi has grown to more than 100,000 women with more than 170 chartered collegiate chapters in 39 states and Canada and over 230 alumnae chapters. 

We encourage you to visit Alpha Omicron Pi's home page, www.alphaomicronpi.org, or The University of Minnesota's Fraternity and Sorority Community page, www.begreek.org, for more information! 

Our Symbols 

Our badge: The badge of Alpha Omicron Pi contains the three intial letters of Alpha Omicron Pi, which are superimposed upon each other.

Our motto: Exceed the expectation. 

Our color: Cardinal red is the fraternity color. It is also the color of the fratnernity flower and the fraternity jewel. 

Our flower: The Jacqueminot (a deep red rose), chosen because its color is the symbol of the central and essential virtue of the Fraternity.

Our jewel: The ruby.

Our mascot: Our mascot is unofficially the panda because it has no natural enemies